Summer Spanish for ESL Teachers, 2023 FAQ

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Do you have questions about the 2023 Summer Spanish Retreat for Educators? Please see below or send us a message! 

step One:

Complete the registration form and send $150 registration fee. Choose private or shared room. Due April 21st!

step Two:

decide if you want to earn graduate credits and register for credits. Design your project!

Register for credits!

step Three:

-Make your 1st pay-ment on May 12th
-Make your 2nd payment June 16th
-Send travel info July 1st

Overall pricing breakdown

Private accommodation: 

$2630 + graduate credit course @$149/graduate credit hour 

Spanish Language Course, Cultural Tours, Private Accommodation, Land Transport, Breakfast and Lunch + 4 graduate credit hours: $3226

Shared accommodation: 

$2205 + graduate credit course @$149/graduate credit hour

Spanish Language Course, Cultural Tours, Shared Accommodation, Land Transportation, Breakfast and Lunch + 4 graduate credit hours: $2801

housing, graduate credit options and payment schedules

Attendees have a choice of private or shared housing options, which affects the overall retreat fee. 

They may choose to participate in individualized projects through Dominican University fo California to earn 1-4 graduate credits. Registration and project proposals are completed independently from the Language Loft of Roatan. 

Register for Credit Hours at Dominican University of California:

private accommodation

All private accommodations include private room with double/queen bed, private bath, mini-refrigerator, air-conditioning, and deck/patio area. Attendees may request a spouse or partner stay with them. *Additional guests may result in additional daily fees.

Registration & payment:
  • Registration deadline: April 21st! (Non-refundable $150 and basic registration information is due. 
  •  Due May 12, 2023, Payment 1: $1240
  • Due June 16, 2023, Payment 2: $1240
  • Final Documents Due: July 1, 2023
shared accommodation

Shared accommodation may be either a shared cabin with double bed and a shared bath with one other participant. This option includes a mini-refrigerator, air-conditioning, and deck/patio area in each cabin or condominium. Accommodations may vary, but early registrants are guaranteed beachside accommodations.

  • Registration deadline: April 21st! (Non-refundable $150 and basic registration information is due. 
  •  Due May 12, 2023, Payment 1: $1240
  • Due June 16, 2023, Payment 2: $1240
  • Final Documents Due: July 1, 2023

Roatan retreat F.a.q.

We’ve put together a list to answer most frequently asked questions about Roatan. Please let us know if there is something we have not covered! Looking forward to working with you! 

Most frequent questions and answers

*Accreditation is offered in addition to the price of the retreat. This is optional but encouraged!  Students can earn up to four graduate credits through completion of a project by the end of August, 2023 based on observations of this course. Credits will be available through Dominican University of California’s Summer Program for Continuing Education. Credit hours generally cost $149 per graduate credit hour. Click here to register:

What’s included: 

  • Project portfolio review
  • Online exit interview telling how this experience informed your practice
  • Personalized review of assignments
  • Transcript sent to your state board of education or educational institution

Roatan and the West End of the Island are generally very safe environments for locals and tourists alike. I advise most people not to stay out in certain areas after 12:00 midnight. Housing will not be in those areas. Roatan is very different and considered a safe haven, the reason for which so many from more dangerous mainland cities come here to live. 

Vegetarian options: Teachers will be provided vegetarian options for sponsored meals. Vegan options are a little harder to arrange, so they should be communicated as soon as possible to the retreat organizers! 

Allergies should also be communicated to retreat staff during registration. 

Yes, feel free to contact us for recommendations or an extension of accommodations for additional days. I have often done this when traveling to various programs throughout the world, and I have always been grateful for local advice from coordinators and friends of the organizations I subscribe to. Feel free to consult with us if you have questions. We’re happy to help. Since the Language Loft has worked extensively within the community, teaching both English and Spanish to staff of local businesses, we are often very familiar with our partners in the community. Have a questions? Just ask! 

Roatan is an extremely informal island and the summer months are hot and humid! The following is a list of items to pack when possible. In an emergency, most medications and items can be located, but it is always best to plan for the corner pharmacy NOT to be open all night long. Businesses on Roatan operate on a much more limited hourly schedule than U.S. stores. Many close either Saturday or Sunday as well to reflect a day of rest. Tourists should keep this in mind!

  • three or four pairs of shorts/breathable skirts
  • 5-6 shirts/shirts made of cotton or a light fabric
  • one sporty swimsuit and another one for beach lounging
  • 2-3 dresses or nice outfits that can be worn and made more or less casual. 
  • some heels (a pair)
  • flip-flops or sandals
  • tennis shoes or sport sandals, a decent walking sandal or shoe 
  • a light jacket
  • a light raincoat
  • sunglasses/sunglasses
  • a flashlight for when there is a lack of light (power outages)
  • make-up and the most basic jewelry, nothing highly valuable (wedding rings are quite safe) 
  • a pair of jeans
  • a cap or sombrero for boat trips, or to block a lot of sun at sunset hour
  • a small backpack for day or weekend excursions.
  • a bottle for water and a metal fork
  • Any medications, prescription or over-the-counter on which you depend.
  • aspirin, vitamins, Band-Aids, and antibiotic gel
  • any personal products that are needed 
  • more useful things
  • driver’s license to rent a car or motorcycle
  • a photocopy of your passport
  • your bank account number
  • emergency contact numbers
  • medical insurance card
  • basic band-aids, creams or other typical medications

Recent reports of dengue and malaria on the island have been extremely low. It is very unlikely for tourists in non-humid (standing water) areas to contract  mosquito borne illnesses. Example: I contracted dengue in 2015 at a seaside funeral after 8 years living on the island. 100 + people were there. 4-6 contracted dengue. I have not had malaria. 

Mosquitos: Even though they can be annoying, the best way to avoid any of this is by using the bug spray of your choice, a fan at night, and closing the windows in air-conditioned units. (Honestly, you should do that anyway.) Sand-flies: Use a layer of body oil so they drown before biting you. Stay off un-raked jungle beaches or go prepared with a thick layer of oil. No-see-ums are frustrating and can be thwarted with a solid dose of oil or liquid on the legs in the morning, but they do not transmit diseases. In short: I would prefer a week of DEET on my skin next to contracting dengue. I also prefer spray to taking antimalarial drugs. It is up to you, but this is what I advise! Do as you feel is best for your personal situation! 

Since 2014, The Language Loft of Roatan has provided customized courses for individuals living and working on Roatan. We have worked extensively with island schools, teachers, and business to help improve communication skills of all-ages and walks of life. We have also  dedicated ourselves to fixing island educational obstacles for entire schools, teachers, and individual students through teacher trainings, accommodation support and differentiation training. We have long provided specialized courses to children and adults of all backgrounds. We are about approaching problems from a culturally relevant perspective and not about the fluff; we are about content and results.  

Why study with us: 
  • informed practice in U.S. public education 
  • Masters in K-12 Spanish
  • various dialects, standardized neutral Spanish
  • native level fluency
  • ability to provide practical instruction in plain terms
  • 15 years of experience working in all facets of education and tourism
  • Roatan is a safer option than the mainland, resulting in more learning & enjoyment, and less worry. 

The founder of the Language Loft, Kelly, has been working in education formally since 2003, and started her career as an Educational Outreach Coordinator at the Columbus Council of World Affairs in 2001. She has worked as a licensed K-12 Spanish teacher in the U.S., as well as holds a Masters in K-12 Spanish and undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Spanish. Her 15 years of experience on Roatan have been spent working within the community to improve communication skills, cultural understanding, and educational techniques. She is also the writer and developer of the “Spanish with Monsters” text series and the programmer of the Language Loft learning platform. Kelly also teaches ESL to Spanish speaking staff for $20 per student x 6 weeks, and has taught English at all levels and acted as an administrator in various local schools. Humility and true education are her driving principles. 

Yes, they may attend the retreat or simply sign up for housing accommodations. If retreat attendees choose this option, they will be placed in a double private room and should not opt to room with another retreat attendee. Need a few activities for your spouse such as diving, fishing tours, yoga, or CrossFit? We are happy to help with this, or point you in the right direction. Spouses may attend special music evening and request to go on an island tour if there is space. 

Families hoping to come to Roatan and spend a family vacation are best advised to book their own accommodation. The retreat attendee will not be charged for housing. Children are not likely to be comfortable alone during retreat hours, so I suggest parents with children who would like to attend discuss the option of summer camp activities such as dolphin camp. 

Yes, you may find suitable private accommodations if you wish. They should be close physically to the Language Loft, but it is important to note that parking is extremely limited in this area, and prohibited throughout West End, so those who decide to stay in other areas and attend the retreat must arrange their own transportation to and from the site. Those with difficulty walking will be given preference to available parking spots at the LL: The cost of the retreat will factor in the accommodation choice and subtract accommodation from the price of the retreat. Please let us know where you have decide to book, and we will let you know if it is a reasonable walking distance-travel distance from the facility.

Roatan has several clinics and modern hospitals, in addition to the public hospital. While not all services are the same, the island is equipped to deal with many emergencies and most private medical centers accept private health insurance. That said, most minor issues can be dealt with for less than the cost of copay, so depending on the ailment, it may or may not be worthwhile to use out of country medical insurance. 

United and American Airlines both run daily flights to Roatan. At certain times of year they run two direct flights per day from Houston, Dallas, or Miami. Delta also features a direct flight from the United States based out of Atlanta. Canadians and Europeans have a few more options with AirTran and AirEuropa. I have always found the cheapest rates and the best travel insurance by booking directly through their websites. Spirit Air also routes flights through San Pedro via certain U.S. cities. 

Please send me more information and reminders about this course!