Summer Spanish for ESL Teachers, 2023


We have released several new workshops and mini-courses for Spanish language learners! Courses are held in person 2-3 times per week at the Language Loft–Online courses are also offered! 

Why Study at the Language Loft? 

Since 2014, The Language Loft of Roatan has provided customized courses for individuals living and working on Roatan. We have worked extensively with island schools, teachers, and business to help imporve communication skills of all-ages and walks of life. The founder of the Language Loft, Kelly has been working in education formally since 2003, and started her career as an Educational Outreach Coordinator at the Columbus Council of World Affairs in 2001. She has worked as a licensed K-12 Spanish teacher in the U.S., as well as holds a Masters in K-12 Spanish and undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Spanish. Her nearly 15 years of experience on Roatan have been spent working within the community to improve language skills, cultural communication, and educational techniques. She is also the writer and developer of the Spanish with Monsters text series and language learning platform. Kelly also teaches ESL to Spanish speaking staff and has taught English in local schools. 


What’s included? 

Learn real-life Spanish & gain cultural understanding (20 hours instruction, goal setting, and portfolio review, tons of resources!) 

-Enjoy & Relax, Tour Roatan and the Bay Islands (Tour of Cayos Cochinos, School Tours (Public), Meetings with experienced teachers and administrators working in the community, welcome and farewell dinners. Breakfast and lunch daily.) 

-Network with other ESL teachers

-Get access to curriculum (Access to ESL curriculum which works well with multilevel students in context. Curriculum may also be used with non-standard English speakers.) 

-Earn 4 hours graduate credit

Payment and Fee Schedule

-Sign up deadline: April 1, 2023 (50% deposit required)

-Single room cost: $3250/pp/Shared room cost: $2850/pp. All accommodations are located walking distance from the Language Loft of Roatan. 


Summer spanish program elements

Classroom Instruction

Students will attend 20 hours of classroom instruction and complete a final journal about the ways this instruction has informed their teaching practices. Each student will set out goals for improved communication, and work within the curriculum to improve those goals. 

Emphasis will be on everyday language of Central America, rather than textbook Spanish. Students will learn 10-20 go-to phrases per day and learn how to replace elements of structure in order to create their own meaning. 

Classes will be held at the Language Loft from 8:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m., with some consideration for cultural tours. *See syllabus.


What’s included:

  • personalized vocabulary and instruction
  • structural building
  • conversation practice 
  • instructional materials
  • lms platform for teachers (annual access) 

Cultural Tours 

What’s included:

  • land and sea transportation 
  • exposure to the diverse cultures of the Caribbean and Honduran mainland
  • school visit and typical home visit
  • Q&A session with local school administrators 
  • visit to Maya Key, and Wild Medicinals Plant Walk at Southshore Canopy

 Room and Board in West End

Teachers will stay in West End, Roatan– a touristy multinational village with everything at your fingertips. West End is a vibrant beach town, but has a local feel with many native islanders and mainlanders as inhabitants. Unlike the lovely, yet resort dominated area of West Bay, West End offers cultural diversity and easy access to other areas of the island. Hotels and accommodation are mid-range, clean, and often cater to divers and vacationers who enjoy modern accommodations within context of infrastructural limitations of the island.

What’s Included:


  • transportation to an from airport, breakfast and lunch
  • hotel stay with air-conditioning ($2750/shared lodging, $3250/pp private room) 
  • fabulous sunsets!

Accreditation 4 graduate credit hours at California Dominican University


This is optional but encouraged! for students who may already receive credits through their local LPDC. The course is registered as an independent study with the title: “Spanish Language and Culture for Informed Practice, Designed for Practicing English as a Second Language Teachers working in the U.S. and Canada.” 

Course Description: As the United States and Canada receive students from the Golden Triangle, ESL teachers often become the liasion between schools and families. They provide language support, emotional and cultural support, among other accommodations for emigrating students. While they must be apprised of the cultural backgrounds of learners from all over the world, they may struggle to recognize the uniquenesses of students from Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, and El Salvador, among other Central American countries. Teachers may even be working with native English speakers to standardize English creoles, also common to the Western Caribbean. While these students may share many cultural similarities, this course will expose teachers to the economic and social backgrounds of learners, as well as provide language tips for communicating effectively with a diverse group of individuals who are often classified as a single cultural group. While language is the main focus of this retreat, powerful insights can be gained about the diversity of Spanish speakers throughout the Caribbean. 

What’s included:

  • portfolio review
  • online exit interview telling how this experience informed your practice
  • personalized review of assignments

About the Language Loft of Roatan and Why It Was Created

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Why study with us: 

  • informed practice in U.S. public education 
  • Masters in K-12 Spanish
  • various dialects, standardized neutral Spanish
  • native level fluency
  • ability to provide practical instruction in plain terms


interested in our program? Introduce yourself!

Send us a quick note below and let us know a little more about your level of Spanish, past language learning struggles, level of conversation in action, and general learning style and goals. We are dedicated to providing this valuable program and meeting the needs of ESL teachers!

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