after school study center & tutoring

The Language Loft provides tutoring, After School Study Center to support study in Math, Foreign Language, Social Studies, Science, and Writing Skills.  In addition to this program, we provide hybrid Spanish courses for levels 1, 2, & 3 in Spanish and English for Customer Service and the Basics. We can also help parents and teachers accommodate mild learning disabilities and processing disorders, and equip kids with skills to self-manage personal challenges. 

Spanish Courses Designed for Expat youth

We also specialize in courses for expat teens and adults. We provided both Spanish and English courses to help you and your student adjust to life abroad, and to develop life-changing language learning skills. 

Being bilingual is unquestionably one of the most desirable skills one can have. Currently, we offer interactive online lessons within supplemental instruction 2 days per week to aid in language development. Unlike other programs, we work on what kids need most without getting weighed down by grammatical theory. Spanish Levels 1-3 are now available for Middle and High School grades. 

The transition abroad can be stressful to teens, while lack of language skills may complicate the issue, making the family adventure seem overwhelming to teens. Over the past 15 years, we have worked with hundreds of kids making this transition, helping to build confidence in new situations where foreign language development is key to success. 

My previous work as a Spanish teacher in the U.S. has helped me bridge the gap between U.S. standards and helping students learn everyday Spanish that will improve their communication skills with others. Our curriculum meets common core standards and has been accepted by all homeschoolers who have applied through their local districts. 

how it works

Teens sign up for the full semester or year in August and September. During school Spanish class hours, each student spends 45 minutes daily in the interactive LMS language platform where they learn new vocabulary, actively listen and read stories, practice pronunciation, and problem-solve and play games to form meaningful language. Each week a face to face class is held at the Language Loft in West End for 1-1.5 hours, and they are encouraged to dial in on Zoom once a week to ask questions and review material with their instructor. Students may choose to go entirely on-line with the curriculum, however, on-island students take advantage of classes where they meet with other kids new to the island. 

1.) vocabulary & repetition

Vocabulary is an important part of language development, and developing the ability to quickly associate words with images and movement is one of the best ways to master vocabulary quickly. Of course it is sometimes necessary to explain words though a quick translation, but research shows overwhelmingly more positive long term results with imagery and movement and constant exposure to the language. Pronunciation practice is required for success while our in-person courses support students with all kinds of fun activities to get them speaking and understanding asap! 

2.) learning language in context

Telling stories within context to help students begin forming sentences within the system of the language is one of the most important aspects of any language learner’s journey. Without this component, students will  never learn to listen for meaning or speak a foreign language. The approach combines engaging students actively in stories with visual and aural clues. Questioning and showing active engagement and developing muscle memory are all part of the process.  

Summer youth program: Language immersion and mindfulness!

We are proud to work with Unalome yoga center to offer two unique summer sessions to expat youth on destination holiday. Kids, aged 12-17 will be welcomed for this unique retreat in which the concepts of mindfulness are taught in conjunction with some of the most often overlooked elements of second language acquisition. 

What could be better than learning Spanish, taking nature tours, practicing yoga,  learning to apply the concepts of mindfulness, and just having a little fun and sun from one of the most beautiful jungle retreats on the island of Roatan?