The Language Loft is a boutique language school catering to the unique educational needs of expats, travelers, local personnel, and youth on the island of Roatan, Honduras. We provide English and Spanish language courses for students of all ages, as well as various programs to support local kids.

Our innovative learning programs are designed to get you speaking in no time while you gain confidence in the second language.

The Language Loft was founded in 2014 with the dual mission of helping island youth and providing language courses to expats and locals.

Since then we’ve provided Spanish courses to hundreds of relocating expats, travelers, and volunteer groups, meanwhile developing courses to supplement local school programs. English courses are also offered to small groups and customer service staff members.

Since 2015 we have been continually developing and testing the interactive Spanish with Monsters digital program in Apple books. In 2020, we quickly needed to expand our online programs to reach all computer users, the LL began developing the fully on-line program for kids 11 and up. Using our copyrighted and tested book curriculum, we continue to innovate dynamic lessons daily for Spanish and English students of all levels. 

Hi, I'm Kelly.
I'm the founder of the Language Loft and author of Spanish with Monsters, "The First Date."