Summer Spanish for ESL Teachers, 2024

July 1st-10th, 2024


welcome educators!

Here at the Language Loft we are busy preparing for the Summer Language Retreat for Educators! Are you interested in studying Spanish, taking part in cultural tours for a more informed educational practice, and relaxing and soaking up a bit of sun on Roatan? You’re in the right place! 

The Language Loft of Roatan Retreat offers Spanish crash courses in a relevant cultural setting, where educators can finally take a moment to learn new information, reflect, and relax. They may also choose to earn up to 4 graduate credits! 

The Summer Camp, given 6 days over 2 weeks (12 hours) will take place July 15th-26th, MWF mornings, 2024 on Roatan! 

Overall Retreat Description:


Summer spanish course elements

What is Included in the Summer Spanish Language Courses? 

Morning classes:

Students will attend 12 hours of classroom instruction in Spanish, and complete a final booklet demonstrating their activities throughout the retreat. Students will learn through activities and movement, making this kids’ camp a great way to build confidence in Spanish.  At the summer camp, your child will have the opportunity to use  Spanish in real life. 

Emphasis will be on everyday language, rather than textbook Spanish. However, traditional Spanish rules will be reinforced through real life examples that will help kids communicate in reality. 

Classes will be held at the Language Loft from 9:00-11:00 a.m., with some consideration for mini-excursions and treasure hunts. 


General Course Features:

  • personalized vocabulary and instruction
  • structural building
  • role play and conversation practice 
  • Spanish book and English instructional materials for new English learners (Spanish language based) 
  • Individual login and annual access to all Courses in our LMS Platform.
  • immersion style activities combined with grammar instruction in English
  • meetings and tours with real Spanish speakers and seasoned educators 

Click here to download general itinerary: 

Cultural Tours 

Cayos Cochinos Excursion: An amazing opportunity to connect with the unique cultures of the Bay Islands! 

Each afternoon teachers will have the opportunity to take part in planned tours and activities. Tours include school tours, visits to Maya Key, home visits, medicinals plant walk, a historical tour of the cultural history of the islands and Central America’s Golden Triangle, music lessons, and more! 

What’s included:

  • land transportation to and from the airport and other excursions (school, Maya Key etc.) 
  • sea transportation to Cayos Cochinos 
  • exposure to the diverse cultures of the Caribbean and Honduran mainland
  • school visit and typical home visit
  • Q&A session with local school administrators 
  • visit to Maya Key, and Wild Medicinals Plant Walk, Cayos Cochinos Excursion, school visit, intro dinner, farewell dinner
  • optional: 4 hours graduate credit through Dominican University of California
  • personalized Instruction and Review of Project Plans (second reader support)

West End, Roatan, Honduras


All retreat participants will stay in West End, Roatan– a touristy beachside village with everything within walking distance from the Language Loft. West End is a vibrant beach town, but has a local feel with many native islanders and mainlanders as inhabitants. Unlike the lovely, yet resort dominated area of West Bay, West End offers greater cultural diversity and easy access to other areas on the island. 

Hotels and accommodation are mid-to-high range, clean, and often cater to divers and vacationers who enjoy modern accommodations within context of infrastructural limitations of the island. West End is a safe village which thrives on tourist activities. While teachers will lay their heads in West End, we will tour many other parts of the island. Both English and Spanish are widely spoken on the West End of Roatan. Most accommodations vary between $100-$200/night with air-conditioning, a mini refrigerator, private bathroom (shared among 2 participants in shared accommodation) and two double beds. Shared rooms are less expensive per individual. Shared accommodation may include a private bath in a small condominium, or individual bathrooms. What’s Included in your accommodation:

  • Transportation to an from airport, on scheduled arrival and departure days (We will try to accommodate other arrivals dates as well, not guaranteed)
  • Breakfast and lunch daily, welcome and farewell dinners
  • Hotel stay with air-conditioning ($2750/shared lodging, $3226/pp private room) 
  • Fabulous sunsets!